CTalk – LIVE 2024-10 Part 2 | CoupleTalk

CoupleTalk Part 2 is LIVE in October 2024!
Join us to Build a Better Marriage!

Join the Authors,

Don & Alex, LIVE on Zoom!

5 Night Series!


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5 Wednesday evenings starting October 23, 2024 (on Zoom)

6:00pm-7:30pm Pacific Time
(9:00pm-10:30pm Eastern)


Session 6 – Oct 23:
Getting a Grip… On Your Emotions

Session 7 – Oct 30:
Digging Deeper During Disagreements

Session 8 – Nov 6:
Finding the Win-Win-Win

Session 9 – Nov 13:
Moving Beyond “I’m Sorry”

Session 10 – Nov 20:
Making CoupleTalk the New Normal

Total cost for five, live sessions is $45 per couple. Includes interactive (fillable) Part 2 workbooks in PDF format.

Here’s what you get:

Interactive (fillable) PDF Workbooks

Bonus Materials & Coaching

Hosted live by the authors, Don & Alex!

Couples learn healthy, research-proven communication and conflict resolution skills in the comfort of their own home! The sessions are fun, interactive, and include lots of practice time together.

This is not a boring, “talking heads” video training. Each session has teaching of a skill, a demonstration of an exercise, then practice time for you and your partner. You will build new skills and healthy habits, and get closer to each other in the process! Win-win!