Video Couples | CoupleTalk
The six couples featured in the audience during CoupleTalk are real life couples, ranging from engaged to married for many years; from newlyweds to new parents-to-be.

Every couple is just like you! Living and loving in various stages of life, dealing with real life issues such as unemployment, cultural differences, and stresses of managing work and home life.

Each couple went through the full CoupleTalk program and agreed to share their experiences with the exercises and how CoupleTalk affected their relationship.  Below are links to watch the pre- and post-program interviews with each CoupleTalk Video Couple.

Meet Jerrell & Tia

A graphic artist and actress/model involved in a long-distance dating relationship decided to have spur-of-the moment wedding.  As a young married couple, Jerrell and Tia are learning how to navigate their young career paths with their new life together as husband and wife.

Watch their pre-CoupleTalk interview and listen to Jerrell and Tia’s story and what they hope to get out of CoupleTalk.

In their post-CoupleTalk interview, hear how CoupleTalk improved Jerrell and Tia’s relationship.  Watch their videos >>

Meet Adam & Sarah

Adam and Sarah fell in love, had a child, and then later got married.  Adam served in the military and is now a small business owner; Sarah helps with the family business and cares for their (now) two boys.  While their love story started differently from the old nursery rhyme, figuring out how to juggle their busy life is not so different from most modern couples.

In Adam and Sarah’s pre-CoupleTalk interview, they share their hopeful expectations by completing CoupleTalk.

In their post-CoupleTalk interview, watch Adam & Sarah share how CoupleTalk helped them reconnect more than ever.  Watch their videos >>

Meet Bobo & Kallie

He’s an aspiring actor in Hollywood and until recently, she worked as a hair stylist. Married for almost two years and expecting their first child, becoming parents sparked a desire for them to overcome their communication differences and become the best husband and wife (and dad and mom) they can be.

Hear Bobo and Kallie tell their love story in their pre-CoupleTalk interview and what they need to get out of CoupleTalk.

In their post-CoupleTalk interview, listen to how CoupleTalk helped Bobo and Kallie make breakthroughs in their relationship.  Watch their videos >>

Meet Andy & Carissa

Currently engaged and hoping for a great married future, Andy and Carissa aren’t counting on good fortune or luck to make their dreams come true. Andy grew up in a broken home and Carissa’s parents almost divorced, so they know they need to work on the relationship and learn the healthy communication skills that will keep their young love fresh and their marriage strong.

In their pre-CoupleTalk interview, hear Andy and Carissa explain what they need to learn from CoupleTalk and why.

In their post-CoupleTalk interview, watch Andy and Carissa share the practical way CoupleTalk helped them prepare for marriage.   Watch their videos >>

Meet Thomas & Melanee

Married for five years, nothing has gone according to plan for Thomas and Melanee.  With the economy forcing several job changes and seasons of unemployment, they have experienced the “for worse” and “for poorer” parts of the wedding vows. With life’s uncertainties, they’re committed and determined to work on their relationship.

Listen to Thomas and Melanee’s story in their pre-CoupleTalk interview and to what they want to get out of CoupleTalk.

In their post-CoupleTalk interview, hear how CoupleTalk improved Thomas and Melanee’s marriage.  Watch their videos >>

Meet Lee & Jennifer

Lee is a lifeguard. Jennifer is a former missionary to India and Africa.  He was raised in a mixed race home by parents married for 25 years. She lost her mom at a young age and was raised in group homes until she was adopted as a teenager. These newlyweds are not focusing on their differences; they’re working on their united love and commitment to their marriage.

In their pre-CoupleTalk interview, watch Lee and Jennifer unpack their story and share their hopes for CoupleTalk.

Hear how CoupleTalk made a difference in Lee and Jennifer’s relationship in their post-CoupleTalk interview.  Watch their videos >>