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Welcome to CoupleTalk Part 1:

Cracking the Code to a Deeper Connection

In CoupleTalk Part 1: Cracking the Code to a Deeper Connection, you will learn and use – healthy communication tools to get more connected with your partner, to feel more understood, and to continue growing closer. During the video sessions, you will have conversations with your partner using the practical CoupleTalk communication skills, while talking about fun topics that you choose.

NOTE: The CoupleTalk program requires the use of video and workbooks together:

  • Watching the video without a workbook will leave out crucial content.
  • Each participant uses his or her own workbook. (One couple will need two workbooks.)

If you have not yet ordered your workbooks, please visit the STORE page.


Session 1: Trading Places

It’s a wonderful feeling to be understood by another person. They get you. They accept you. They appreciate you at a deeper level.

Have you ever really felt completely understood by someone? What was that like? How did that affect your relationship with them?

Being fully understood by someone and then showing understanding to them doesn’t just happen. It takes time, energy, a little skill, and a willingness to trade places.

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Session 2: Listening Fully

Misunderstandings happen all the time.

Some are hilarious.

Some can be frustrating.

But some can lead to heartache, especially when that misunderstanding happens in an intimate relationship.

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Session 3: Expressing Yourself

Words can build bridges or create barriers. The way people communicate their thoughts and feelings can bring them closer or drive them further apart.

Bridges allow people in a relationship to speak honestly, safely and respectfully. They connect.

Barriers keep people from sharing very deeply with one another, and create friction and tension. They divide.

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Session 4: Having a CoupleTalk

Having a great conversation is like preparing and eating a gourmet meal. It takes more time and effort than the regular day-to-day type, but can take an ordinary activity and make it into a genuinely satisfying experience.

It takes skill to cook a gourmet meal, and it’s going to take some skill – and practice – to have a conversation that leaves you both feeling full and satisfied. That’s what Having a CoupleTalk can do for you.

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Session 5: Growing as a Team

All the picture frames at the store show couples who are smiling, happy, and madly in love. A lot of people think a picture frame marriage is something that happens to “the lucky people.” In their minds, those “lucky couples” are always happy, always have those “in love” feelings, and seldom have problems.

Relationships are seldom stagnant. They are always changing. Sometimes, they change for the worse, but with some effort, they can change for the better. Growing as a Team helps you take the steps to care for your marriage and nurture your relationship so that your picture frames are filled with photos of a genuinely happy marriage… yours!

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Host Resources

If you are hosting CoupleTalk in a group setting, then this is the information you need to make the most of your time together. The videos available here will help to set the stage. What is CoupleTalk? What are the goals for each session? How do you facilitate the couple exercises? Learn what you’ll need to succeed with CoupleTalk.

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