Testimonies | CoupleTalk

Testimonies from Couples

Diane, I want to highly recommend the at-a-distance CoupleTalk program you referred us to last year. We loved the DVDs and have vowed to go through them each year during our anniversary month, but we actually pulled them out and watched again a few months ago which ended up getting us back on track after a rough week. I am thinking of the people you said who were like Matt and me, who live too far from the courses you are recommending. We could not find a class near our home, and I know you always say it is best to attend a class, but I find it hard to imagine the classes being better than these DVDs which we could use at our own pace and use again in what felt like an emergency. As you may remember, we were having pretty serious problems following the birth of our third baby and our marriage counselor had only seemed to have made things worse. I hope you will suggest these to your list and feel free to use my strong praise. The other nice thing about the DVDs is that we can share them with other couples, loan them out.

– Susan

What an awesome experience! We learned so much – and got closer too!

– Jennifer and Lee

I love, love, love CoupleTalk! It helped us turn our ‘good enough’ marriage into an incredibly great relationship.

– Jessica

We didn’t just learn some tips on communication … we learned how to connect a new and deeper level.

– Mark

We rediscovered our love for one another… and got closer to God too.

– Nathan

After 15 years of marriage, we were fighting a lot. CoupleTalk taught us a new way to talk. Our kids have even noticed the difference in us.

– Tom

This course saved our marriage! Really!

– Janice

I love how different all the couples on the video are. I could really relate with a few of them. It was neat to see and experience CoupleTalk with the video couples.

– Kelli

Testimonies from Hosts and Leaders

CoupleTalk comes alive and is beautifully modeled by Don & Alex. The video lectures are engaging, the workbook is practical and skills-based, and the package is very relevant and yet simple to use. I highly recommend it!

– David H. Olson, Ph.D.


We started small: we told our friends we were going to use them as guinea pigs, trying out CoupleTalk at our home. Since then, we’ve hosted classes at our church. It’s wonderful to watch it bring couples closer together!

– Sandy

We give out certificates (available by download) at the end of the program and offer an opportunity for each couple to tell how CoupleTalk has benefitted their relationship. It’s a great way to end the class on a major high!

– Craig

Hosting has been a great way for my wife and me to get closer to other couples, and to each other.

– Doug