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Review the Book

Please take just 5 minutes to review sections of the book and provide insights. There are only three sections, each followed by a couple questions. At the end of your review, we’ll ask for your email so we can send you a copy of the book once it’s published. Thanks and CONTACT US with any questions.

CHAPTER 2 – Empathy:
Foundation for Healthy Communication

Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.” – Romans 12:15

This chapter will focus on empathy, but don’t worry if you don’t know what empathy is or how it works – you’ll learn about that in a few pages. Here in this first section we just want you to become aware of your typical way of communicating.

Starting Point:
Your Current Communication Habits

In the box below are some typical scenarios. Read the following situations, putting yourself into them with your imagination as much as possible. After reading each scenario, say (out loud) your response in each case. Try to say your responses quickly, without much reflection. Just blurt out what you’d say in each situation. If you would not say anything, but would do something instead, describe that behavior out loud. After you have answered out loud, write it down in this book (or in a journal if you prefer).

Starting Point: How do you typically respond?

Scenario #1: Your spouse arrives home and instead of their usual cheerful greeting, they drop their briefcase on the floor, slump down on the couch, let out a big sigh, and say, “What a day.” You say (immediately state out loud what you would say or do): “_____________________”
Then write it here:

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