Having a CoupleTalk is like Eating a Gourmet Meal | CoupleTalk

Having a great conversation is like preparing and eating a gourmet meal. It takes more time and effort than the regular day-to-day type, but can take

an ordinary activity and make it into a genuinely satisfying experience.  What makes the difference between a conversation where you and your

partner connect in a meaningful way versus one where you only communicate facts and details of everyday life? When is a good time for you to have

a deep conversation, and when is a good time for your spouse? It takes skill to cook a gourmet meal, and it’s going to take some skill – and practice –

to have a conversation that leaves you both feeling full and satisfied. That’s what having a CoupleTalk can do for you.


CoupleTalk teaches communication tools such as:

     Trading Places – seeing and feeling things from your partner’s point of view.

     Listening Fully – listening in a way that shows strong interest. Setting aside your own views in order to “become” your partner. Naming your partner’s

     thoughts, feelings, concerns, and desires. Accepting and making corrections graciously.

     Expressing yourself – Thinking before you speak. Starting by telling your partner what’s good. Speaking from your own point of view. Using “I”

     messages. Talking about your thoughts, feelings, concerns and desires. Avoiding trigger words. 


This Father’s Day, make time to have a CoupleTalk with your special someone. Making the extra effort to go deeper in understanding your loved one

will have positive benefits for your relationship. 


Everyone should be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to become angry. 

– James 1:19 

CoupleTalk teaches couples effective communication skills to create a closer connection.

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