Expressing Yourself | CoupleTalk

What if the relationship you are in is not where you’d like it to be? Sometimes we just don’t see eye to eye with those we love the most. We think they are supposed to understand, sympathize, and agree with our perspectives. We might struggle with wanting to hear their side of the story. 

As many things are constantly changing during this time where our world is affected by the pandemic, couples may find themselves in close quarters and disagreeing more often. 

Do you tend to build bridges with your words, or create barriers? When you have a different opinion than your partner, how do you let them know? How do you communicate with your partner when you’re feeling negative feelings towards them, such as anger or frustration? Many couples find themselves going through conflict and trying to work through difficult issues. 

Unfortunately, the reality for too many couples is that barriers have been built with harsh words and cutting remarks. Thankfully, those barriers can be removed and bridges can be built. Coupletalk teaches practical “tools” of cracking the code to a deeper connection to help you work towards that thriving and stronger relationship. One of the best ways to effectively share your heart’s desires is to express yourself. While working through challenges as a couple together, take the time to truly express yourself. 

7 Tips in expressing yourself. 

Ask yourself – 

What’s good about your partner’s point of view? 

What’s good about your partner and your relationship? 

Possible “good traits” about your partner: 

  • Listens to your point of view 
  • Cares about you and your relationship 
  • Worked out issues with you in the past 
  • Shared values, dreams, goals. 
  • Has positive character qualities related to the issue. 
  • Has other positive character qualities 
  • Your shared history of love 

Kind words heal and help, cutting words wound and maim – Proverbs 15:4 The Message 

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