Giving Appreciations – All Year Long | CoupleTalk

Thanksgiving is the usual time for reflecting on the things that we are thankful for (harder to do in 2020 for many of us!). But should we only be grateful or appreciative one season per year? 

At CoupleTalk, we are very much interested in the strengthening of couples and marriages. Being grateful and expressing appreciation to the people in your life causes them to feel loved, and also helps them remember the good in others. We all want to be loved and to give love. Gratitude opens up our hearts to see the value of people and to appreciate them. 

One of the first communication tools we teach in CoupleTalk is “Expressing Appreciations”. This goes beyond a simple “thank you”. Taking the time to actually tell your partner one of the things that you appreciate them, out loud, can go a long way in deepening your connection. And if your partner isn’t in the same room with you, you can still give them appreciation by calling them, or even sending a text.

Here are some simple ideas for expressing appreciation. Tell your partner you appreciate:

  • A quality you admire in them
  • How they helped you out in some way recently
  • Something that they do for you or for others
  • How they made an extra effort for you
  • Something from the past that you remember with appreciation

Is there something you appreciate about your spouse or partner? Why not tell them right now

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