Hosting Tips | CoupleTalk

Hosting Tips

There are many ways to Host a CoupleTalk class!

  • Start small with your friends. A great way to begin as a CoupleTalk Host is to invite your friends to your home to participate. Perhaps you already meet regularly with a home fellowship group – this type of group (if it is made up of couples) is a great format for CoupleTalk. The home should have enough space for couples to spread out a little during practice times, and it’s nice if there’s a larger screen TV (or computer monitor) on which to view the video.
  • Host CoupleTalk to yourself. Try out the program with your partner at home by yourselves.
  • Host a CoupleTalk class at your church.  It could be as one of your church’s evening or weekly offerings of programs. CoupleTalk fits church programming for marriage ministry or couples ministry or couple communication programs. You can show it to a few couples, dozens of people – or even hundreds – of couples at your church!
  • Use CoupleTalk to begin a marriage ministry at your church. Often a church will hold a CoupleTalk class, and from these original participants will come couples with changed marriages who become motivated to form a marriage ministry intent on helping other couples, either as Hosts of separate classes or as CoupleTalk In-Class Coaches, helping couples use the skills during practice times. Either way, the result is stronger marriages in the church and the basis for a growing marriage ministry.
  • Use the program on Sundays. CoupleTalk may be used in couple-oriented Sunday School or other fellowship time group at church.