Trading Places (for Mother’s Day) | CoupleTalk

It’s a wonderful feeling to be understood by another person. They get you. They accept you. They appreciate you at the deepest level. 

Have you ever really felt completely understood by someone? What was that like? How did that affect your relationship with them?

Trading places means “becoming” the other person, and understanding them from their perspective. Fully listening to someone, and then showing

that you understand them, doesn’t just happen. It takes time, energy, a little skill, and a willingness to trade places. This Mother’s Day, take some time

to show your moms (and wives) that you honor them by setting yourself aside for the moment, and deeply listening to and understanding them.

Responding with empathy in everyday life means taking the time to notice what the other is feeling. How would they  like you to respond to that

feeling? Here are some ideas:

When you notice that the other is feeling:         ...You can empathize with them! 

happy or loving                                                         …stop what you planned to do and spend time together.

overwhelmed                                                            …ask what you can do to help.

worried or sad                                                          …stay close by. Sometimes just being near is all they need. 

in need of some space                                            …back off a little. Be patient. 

Trading places means you set yourself aside momentarily so you can empathize with the other person. Honor your wife and mom with the gift of

empathy today!

Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep – Romans 12:15 NLT

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